Committee of Management

The LPLN governance comprises of an elected Committee of Management

Representation on the Committee of Management is drawn from member groups. The Committee of Management convenes monthly at the Loddon Shire Offices at Serpentine.

 LPLN COM 2014-2015

 2015 Committee of Management

Current members of the Committee of Management:

President: Andy Hay, Kamarooka Landcare, Northern United Forestry Group

Vice President: Laurie Maxted, Loddon Vale Landcare

Secretary: Michael Moore, Wedderburn Conservation Management Network

Treasurer: Jean McClymont, Salisbury West Landcare

Member: Fred Belli, Friends of Terrick Terrick National Park, Terricks Ridge Landcare

Member: Chris Rothacker, Loddon Vale Landcare

Member: Ian Penny, Salisbury West Landcare

Member: Cr Colleen Condliffe, Loddon Shire Council

Member: Colin Gitsham, Fairley Bael Bael Sandhill Lake Landcare

Member: Kate Lee, Mt Korong Eco-watch