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The Loddon Plains Landcare Network is looking for a new team member to expand its capacity to deliver on-ground outcomes for its member groups across the Loddon Plains region. LPLN is seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual with potential and an openness and willingness to learn and grow in the role, or a person with some experience in on-ground project delivery in the NRM industry interested in developing a career in the natural environment.

Title: Landscape Projects Officer, GOANNA Project

Location: Loddon Shire, Victoria (Inglewood office)

Salary: 0.5 FTE $43, 400 (trainee) – $61, 256 plus super and car allowance pro rata, 

six-month contract with provision to extend subject to funding clarification, December 2021 start.

LPLN is a not-for-profit organisation that formed in 2009. Situated on the Loddon Plains in North Central Victoria, the Network comprises 18 member groups across the area. 

Its mission is to secure healthy landscapes on the Loddon Plains through its Landcare, GOANNA landscape restoration project, and regenerative and sustainable agriculture programs, with a focus on delivering community-led large-scale landscape projects.

The Network is seeking a person to expand the LPLN team in the role of Landscape Projects officer offering a position between 19 and 25 hours a week (0.5 FTE), with an option to extend the position subject to funding arrangements. The position will answer to LPLN Manager – Operations and Projects and the LPLN Committee of Management.

  • Key responsibilities include:
    • Deliver community landscape projects across the Loddon Shire with its member groups
    • Assist in the development and provision of workshops, field days and information sessions relating to Network and member group priorities
    • Assist in the development of large scale restoration projects and assist in securing grant funding towards large scale restoration projects
    • Manage the Loddon Plains Landcare Network Community Bird Monitoring Project and its volunteers
    • Report to LPLN Manager – Operations and Projects, including monthly written reports for the LPLN CoM where necessary
    • Follow Occupational Health and Safety procedures for events and on-ground works.
  • Key Selection Criteria:
    • Facilitation and interpersonal skills working with a wide range of people.
    • Negotiation and problem-solving skills.
    • Strong communication skills, particularly with volunteer and community groups
    • Strong computer skills, particularly in office and GIS suites.
    • Self-motivated and able to work autonomously
    • Able to set priorities and manage competing demands
    • Hold a current driver’s license
    • Must be able to use own vehicle with an allowance provided
  • Other relevant skills, knowledge and experience desired for the role:
    • Knowledge and understanding in the delivery of natural resource projects
    • Project management and delivery skills, including development, stakeholder management and delivery of on-ground outcomes
    • Hold current ACUP inc. PAPP and 1080
    • Experience driving off road or 4wd
    • An understanding of the communities and farming enterprises in the Network’s area
    • Experience managing volunteers or working with community groups
    • GIS and mapping experience
    • Basic website maintenance skills


Individuals seeking a formal traineeship in the NRM field are encouraged to apply. 

LPLN embraces diversity and inclusion, and encourages all individuals interested in this role to apply.

Applications addressing the Key Selection Criteria, a resume, together with the names and phone

numbers of two referees should be submitted by email to:

Mal Brown

Vice President, Loddon Plains Landcare Network Inc. 

Subject: Landscape Projects officer, GOANNA Project

Enquiries: Danny Pettingill, 0490 412 430

Loddon Plains Future Farming group soils event

Understanding your Soils with Rebecca Mitchell (Agriculture Victoria)

Join Loddon Plains Future Farming group for its first event on Wednesday 8th September at 1pm!

This webinar will provide an in-depth session on how to better improve management practices for healthier soils.

Understanding your Soils with Rebecca Mitchell, Agriculture Victoria

Wednesday 8th September at 1pm via Zoom

Register here for the event

The session will include an introduction to:

  • Understanding soils (texture, structure, pH, nutrition)
  • Assessing soils (profile descriptions)
  • Introduction to soil testing and interpretation
  • Managing soils and groundcover

For more information you can register to become a member of the Loddon Plains Future Farming Regenerative Agriculture group here:

You can also join the Loddon Plains Future Farmers Regenerative and Sustainable Agriculture group to keep up to date with events and info or go to our web page:…/

For more information regarding LPLN’s commitment to Sustainable Agriculture, you can CLICK HERE to see our Sustainable Agriculture Strategy


Sustainable Farming, Sustainable Landscapes Web Event 03

03: Agroforestry; making trees work for you

Trees can be agents of regeneration – providing co-benefits for people and nature.
They can be put-to-work to protect our most valuable assets while becoming valuable assets in their own right.
Agroforestry is about putting the right trees in the right places and actively managing them so that they serve to protect the things that you care about, complement rather than compete with your agricultural operation and nurture on-farm biodiversity.

Join us for our third Webinar, 03: Agroforestry; making trees work for you, with Ben Boxshall (Australian Agroforestry Foundation, Wood4Good) and Andrew Stewart (Yan Yan Gurt West Farm, Otways Agroforestry Network) on March 18th from 11am.

Register here:

This event is presented by Loddon Plains Landcare Network’s Sustainable Agriculture Program and NCCMA through the Victorian Landcare Program

Webinar 02: Regenerative Farming through Group Adoption

Join Loddon Plains Landcare Network and guests for:

Webinar 02: Regenerative Farming through Group Adoption on Wednesday 3rd March from 11am until 1pm

as part of the LPLN’s Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Landscapes Series.

In this event, Jade, Natalie and Ross will talk through the processes to adopt and support community lead regenerative and sustainable farming practices.Register here:

This series of events has been supported through the North Central CMA, the Victorian Landcare program and the LPLN Sustainable Agriculture program

Notice of LPLN Annual General Meeting

On behalf of the LPLN Committee of Management, LPLN invites members and supporters to its 2020 Loddon Plains Landcare Network AGM,

Friday 19th February, 2021 from 6.30pm at Serpentine Memorial Hall (Janiember Park).

RSVP’s can be sent by the 8th of February to the Secretary using the details below;
PO Box 197 Wedderburn Vic 3518 Ph: 0432 456 872 Email:

As is customary, presentations of activities by member groups is encouraged.

Expressions of Interest: CERT III AgCLM – Inglewood 2021

Hello Friends,

LPLN is entering into an exciting prospect, putting a call out to potential students interested in a Certificate III in Ag Conservation and Land Management in Inglewood this year.

This course, based in Inglewood, will deliver a Certificate III in Agriculture with emphasis placed on Sustainable Agriculture and biodiversity outcomes (CLM and natural resource management).

Classes will be delivered online, in person at Inglewood and on properties across the Loddon Plains. 
The course will also put a focus on getting students local on-ground experience on farms and public land visits across the LPLN region.

If you are interested in expressing your interest in this course please fill in the form HERE

Any enquiries can be directed to Danny Pettingill on 0490 412 430 or

New LPLN Sustainable Agriculture Facebook group

Got an interest in Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture? LPLN’s Sustainable Agriculture Group is the first step in the Network’s Sustainable Agriculture Strategy.

Loddon Plains Landcare Network is committed to the development and awareness of sustainable and regenerative agriculture for improved enterprise and landscape function across the Loddon Plains.

This group serves as a forum for the Loddon Plains farming community to share experience, methods, ideas and stories in their journeys towards more sustainable farming practices.

Get over, answer some questions and join the conversation!

Webinar: Ecological significance of the Kerang Ramsar wetland complex

Join us on the 29th of June from 7pm for a second webinar with recognised wetland ecologist Damien Cook talking about the ecology of the Kerang Ramsar wetland complex.

Damien is the Co-director and Senior Ecologist at Rakali Ecological Consulting and a leading expert in wetland, riparian and terrestrial ecology, particularly in the factors affecting the establishment and management of aquatic and wetland plants, and also the revegetation of terrestrial ecosystems.

Building on LPLN’s Birds of the Kerang Wetlands webinar, in this event Damien will share his knowledge about the ecological communities that call the Ramsar protected Kerang wetland complex home.

CLICK HERE to register, participants will be emailed a link to the event closer to the date.

LPLN REGENERATIVE READS 9 – Wednesday 29th April

The Biggest Estate on Earth, by Bill Gammage

Moving on and complimenting Regenerative Read 8, Dark Emu, Bill Gammage’s The Biggest Estate on Earth is heavily referenced by Bruce Pascoe.

This book paints a very different picture of the Australian landscape, one that had been meticulously managed through fire and millennia of Indigenous knowledge in land management. with an emphasis on how sophisticated, interconnected and even intra-continental Aboriginal land management was to culture and country.

The book has a great section with colour plates in which it compares landscapes and outlines the different bands of growth – pointing out new scrub-like growth and pioneer establishment where fire once managed the landscapes.

Other sections are filled with early encounters with the Australian landscape that appear to be very different to what we now see as ‘pristine bush’ as well as a number of detailed land management techniques employed by Indigenous cultures across the continent.

This is another read that is pretty dense to get through but a great resource for anyone with an interest in fire management and landscape regeneration

Click here to Bill talking about The Biggest Estate on Earth in 2015 as part of the Lunchbox / Soapbox series presented by The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas.

For the next little while LPLN Facilitator, Danny, will be featuring resources aimed to inspire.
Stay tuned every here or on the facebook page Wednesday and Friday for another resource off the shelf.


Dark Emu, by Bruce Pascoe

A wonderfully thought-provoking journey into indigenous farming and social structure based around the existence of agriculture, farming and social village-style living in pre-1788 Indigenous Australian culture.

In Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe challenges the fundamental conception that Australia’s Traditional Owners lived solely as hunter-gatherers and instead produces a compelling argument that Indigenous Australia was one of social structure, village-type living and had established agriculture and food systems that linked Indigenous communities the length and breadth of the country.

Pascoe produces evidence-based arguments that Indigenous Australians built houses, sustainably farmed, harvested, preserved and saved cereals, grains, and seeds – even baking cakes and bread, built complex systems in fresh and salt water aquaculture and systematically farmed terrestrial fauna such as kangaroos using stone battues, systematic hunting and harvesting and fire management for feed and mustering.

This book brings together a vast range of evidence from archeological history, accounts from pioneer and explorer journals and spoken indigenous history to paint a very different picture of pre-1788 Australia.

This one is a real must-read.

For the next little while LPLN Facilitator, Danny, will be featuring resources aimed to inspire.
Stay tuned every here or on the facebook page Wednesday and Friday for another resource off the shelf.

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